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Dainik Hindi Newspaper

India’s Indian service broadcast its first issue on June 6, 2012, in the rush of newspapers published, a new paper to be called an audacious step necessarily. “VIRAT BHARAT”, is intended to reach all Indian homes to kick start an energetic and informative day in today’s time of rush hour still keeping pace with the Time.
Another reason why one should opt “VIRAT BHARAT” is when Hindi is losing grip on Indian soil and today’s generation is trying to match steps with western culture, we focus to attract today’s generation and keep them informed and educate them with India mythology, culture, tradition to be a true Bharatiya.
Read “VIRAT BHARAT” in the morning to begin your day with intake of knowledge, information, news, views, etc.. and throughout the day by gazing through minute to minute update vide e-paper available on http://www.epaper.viratbharat.com and 24*7 news portal on http://www.viratbharat.com.